Nationally Certified ASL Interpreter

Daleena Ewbank

Dedicated and nationally certified ASL interpreter with extensive experience providing professional interpreting services. Skilled in facilitating effective communication between Deaf and hearing individuals across various settings. Committed to ensuring accessibility, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity.

About Me
Scopes of Service

Communication Matters

As an interpreter, I strongly adhere to the principle of aligning myself with the preferences and needs of my Deaf clients. My primary goal is to facilitate effective and clear communication at all times to ensure seamless interactions.


Scopes of Service

  • Medical

    Doctor appointments, clinic visits, hospital stays, emergent care. 

  • Mental Health

    Medication appointments, individual or group therapy, crisis care, hospital care.

  • Educational

    All levels of education, including post-secondary and graduate. 

  • Business / Community

    Business meetings, training, community events, etc.

  • Performance / Presentation

    Conventions, presentations, musical performance, concerts, etc.

Here is a little about Daleena's training, education, and background.

Daleena Ewbank

Daleena has three bachelor's degrees , has taken several specialized CEU courses (continuing education unit), and is always seeking to expand her knowledge and vocabulary, as well as improve her skills.

Curious about rates?

How much does having an interpreter cost?

Rates are dependent on the event, day of the week, and time of day. For more information please click the button below.

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Stage Convention Interpreting

On stage interpreting at cons

Platform and Performance Interpreting

Public Events

Here are a few images of Daleena interpreting at public events. On stage, off stage, concerts, musical performances, speakers, and panels. 

Off Stage Performance Interpreting

Small Portfolio Detail Here

Concert Interpreting

Outdoor Event

Intimate Musical Events

Smaller Concert/Performance Events

Daleena has interpreted many cons and events.


at some images from publicly interpreted events.

I'm sure you have questions...

I've never worked with an interpreter before. 
What do I do, what should I know?

Get Answers

Professional interpreter, and certified life coach.

My education with three bachelor degrees and life experience, combined with compassion and empathy. 

One on one coaching or mentoring

Workshop presentor or group coaching facilitator

In person or remote platform

Daleena Ewbank

Interpreting Rates

There are adjustments for bona fide non-profit organizations, schools, as well as limited opportunities for Pro Bono work. For more extensive rate information, please contact Daleena.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm 

130.00 for the first 2 hours

  • 1 minute - 2 hours
  • Each additional hour $65, can be billed in 15 min increments
  • Mileage from the interpreter's home office, to site paid at the current federal rate
  • Travel time is applied if the assignment is 60 mins or more one way
  • Toll road charges are included with the invoice
  • Cancellation Policy in place
  • Holidays, Evenings, and Overnight are a different rate.
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Platform / Performance Rates

There are several things that factor into the rate for interpreting a concert, conference, or other platform or performance work. See below the details I will need to provide a quote.


  • Where is this event located?
  • How long is this event?
  • How many performers or speakers will there be?
  • Will you be able to provide prep material (speeches, power points, set lists and/or lyrics, etc)?
  • Will there be breaks/ meal breaks built in (if long event or multi day event)?
  • If this is a long event, will I need to find a team to share the work? 
  • Are you willing to pay a deposit before the event for my prep time?
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